Thursday Night at Blaine’s Pub Thursday night features Clete Bradley and Haden Burchard in an interactive, up-close-and-personal song swap. Bradley, who was a fixture around these parts as the frontman for the popular band Buckshot Bradley, is embarking on a solo career. With a record in the works, he’s ready to share with San Angelo many of his newest songs. These are songs of where he’s been, and at today, and if you remember Clete’s previous regional hits, like “Drink One for Texas” or “Pumpjack,” you know his songs will hit you right in the heart and speak to you in a personal way. Haden Burchard reaches into his emotional experiences through failed relationships as a source of inspiration for his songs, offsetting the heartaches with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned fun, expressing his feelings through his songs. He aspires to write songs for a diverse audience in order to connect with as many people as possible in as many stations of life as possible. Through his songwriting, Haden endeavors to comfort the lovesick, cheer with the lovestruck, and simply celebrate life with folks at all points between. Now the two will share the Blaine’s stage and swap songs, stories, and good times. If you’re into local music, or just curious, drop in Blaine’s tonight for an entertaining and engaging performance.