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Austin Allsup

Since his 2005 arrival onto the Red Dirt Music Scene, Texas native Austin Allsup hasc become a sound of his own accord.

Traveling up and down the nation’s highways Austin has more than met quota for his share of self determination.He started to build his fan base one show at a time. With that attitude in mind, Austin has now had the opportunity to share the stage with artists from all over the musical spectrum, such as John Mellencamp , Joe Ely, Mike McClure, LeAnn Womack, Jason Aldean, Jason Boland, Stoney Larue, Blake Shelton, Cody Canada, Randy Rogers, and many more. Without any intentions on letting up, Austin has just released his newest record  “This Weary Land”.  A record that once again shows an unwillingness to give in to mediocrity.

“Austin Allsup is one of the most naturally talented guys I’ve come across. He writes great songs and has the swagger to pull it off with out looking like a jerk. I would bet he shoots to the moon.” — Mike McClure.

“The boy can flat out sing, from top to bottom he carries all note. He follows no trail, but blazes his own. ” — Justin Frazell 95.9 The Ranch