Three Texas songwriters share the up close and personal Blaine's Pub stage for an evening of song swaps. 

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Austin Meade with Judson Cole and Erick Willis

Three Texas songwriters together on stage. Judson Cole, of San Angelo, has toured the Texas music circuit since 2012, but remains based in the Concho Valley. His band's inaugural 2012 record, Eastern Skies produced three hits on regional radio, like "Goodbye Dallas." Watch below:

Erick Willis is hitting his stride on the Texas music circuit.The Henrietta native has a reputation for bringing his audience into his performance with raw, heartfelt lyrics and a soulful voice. His latest is hoppy "Flood Gates", released this year. Watch:

Austin Meade tastefully blends bluesy guitars and deliberate vocals to deliver a familiar, yet fresh, sound in a 4-piece package. A 2015 Agricultural Business graduate of Texas A&M University, and former drummer, Meade's appeal reaches not only to the co-eds of the next generation, but simultaneously waxes nostalgic for those longing for the ambient guitars of the 70s. Meade's current EP "Heartbreak Coming," features the singles "Born With A Broken Heart" and "Courage To Talk." Watch "Courage to Talk" official video here: