When Giovannie Yanez decided in 2014 to put a band together, he understood that he wanted a band of brothers who could produce a high energy show and supply a new and different sound in the very over-saturated market of Texas Country.

It's 2017 and Giovannie has achieved that goal. Giovannie & The Hired Guns, based out of Lipan, Texas, is a refreshing group of guys who not only give folks an amazing show, but you can witness how much these men love their "job."

Lead guitarist, Chance Bannister, adds a tone and attitude to "The Guns" that immediately sets them apart from the herd. The rhythm section of Alex Trejo on bass & Tim Rugg on drums give just enough of a rock edge to Giovannie's lyrics. This 4 piece band cannot be put in just one genre. They have too much talent and such a wide range of influences that their shows always seem fresh, unpredictable, and new.

Having already released two singles to Texas Radio, competed in the 2016 Ranch Factor, and Giovannie participating in this year's Larry Joe Taylor's Songwriter Competition, they're putting their music out there to be heard and discovered.

Currently recording their debut album with Ben Hussey & Josh Serrato on Melody Mountain just outside of Stephenville, Giovannie & "The Hired Guns" are gathering wood for a fire that will definitely continue to burn. This is a band with dreams & visions. This is a band on a mission and with a purpose.

Pay the cover. Grab ya a drink, then hold the hell on. These guys will give you a soundtrack to regret your Saturday night & hate your Sunday morning too.