It use to be that when you said your hometown was Alvin, Texas, everyone thought of a certain very famous and fantastic baseball player.

Now, there is another name associated with the town where talent abounds. The Junior Gordon Band began its trek to the top in music in Alvin, but the group is now seeing their fan base expand, and their latest album, “BIG” making a (dare we say it?) BIG impact on country music. Along with a new album “Made In The U.S.A.”, That was released in late September 2016. As of March 2016, they have their first ever top 10 single with “I’m Breaking In” blazing through and burning up every stage they set foot on. People just simply love the talent, beat and message of the band. Sharing the stage with Easton Corbin, Cody Johnson, Bri Bagwell, Lee Brice, Tracy Lawrence, Sammy Kershaw, Johnny Lee, David Allen Coe, Tracy Byrd, Sam Riggs, Eli Young, Sundance Head, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, Kyle Park, Cory Morrow just to name a few.

Alvin and many of its surrounding neighbors know and love the sound of The Junior Gordon Band, but now talk is spreading across the state of Texas, along with Oklahoma, Amarillo, Louisiana, Kansas, Switzerland, and France. Texas is still home but no longer the only stage they are on.


In April 2013, The Junior Gordon Band was nominated by The Houston Press for Best Band of the Year; Best Local Video of the Year and Junior himself was nominated for both the Local Musician of the Year and Best Male Vocalist! The selection process is tough, and with so much talent in Houston and across Texas, but being considered for not only one, but THREE awards is an amazing thing! In 2014 Junior was nominated as Best Country Artists and Male Vocalist of the year. Then again in 2015 being nominated for Male Vocalist of the year, with hopes of 2017 also happening now, that is sheer talent!