From Shane Terrell:

I'm a country guy with rock roots and punk sensibility. I can promise that if you've decided that your a fan of my songs, you will not hear anything less than the truth of the things I've experienced. My perspective of this tough cold world we walk around in every day. I grew up in Glendale, Arizona. My house was a melting pot of musical influences. My Dad is as Oklahoma cowboy as they come, prize belt buckles and all. My Mom was the Texas southern hippie and soft rock record collector.

My Older brother whom I shared a room with, was the metal and rock fan. (We had a giant RATT poster in our room) he actually made me my first guitar and painted it Zebra striped around 1984. My older sister always loved new wave and what I now consider to be the beginnings of alternative. I remember seeing the Black crowes when I was 14 or 15 on their "southern harmony and musical companion" tour with the Jayhawks opening the show. Although I was so young I was so amazed at how it felt like we had travelled back in time while watching. Back to a better eclectic place. Like some vintage era in an old middle American town I'd been to before. It was the most right I had ever felt and I would be forever changed.

My mom's Allman Brothers records were now completely understood. The country music I had heard in my Dad's old dually was now understood. Fast forward to the early 2000's. I was working in a tattoo shop in Scottsdale when a co worker put some lucero on. I was immediately a fan, opening me up to the likes of drive by truckers, wilco, uncle tupelo, Cory Branan and Rocky Votolato. Fast forward one more time. The good Lord landed me in the Great state of Texas. Right away I was amazed at the love Texans have for Alt country. Hell they have their own scene, with their own genre, with their own name for it! It didn't take long before being inspired out here by guys like Stoney Larue, William Clark Green, Bart Crow, Robert Earl Keene, Guy Clark, Chris Knight and so many more. And the fans are amazingly supportive. I'm very blessed and grateful to have ended up somewhere where the music I've loved for a lifetime is part of the landscape and culture. Thanks for listening and being a fan. I hope you enjoy my music. ~Shane