In October 2017 his oldest brother, who his song "Western Town" is about, was married. Prior to taking the trip, Travis decided this was the perfect opportunity to get back on stage and give giggin' another go. He's from East Texas and is making his way up the Fort Worth style of the Texas music scene.

"=It can be difficult to feel successful when from Texas- you will have weekend shows booked 6 hours apart and still be in the same state!....Going to a completely different scene and getting a good response with no one I know in the crowd reminded me why I love to play and gave me the much needed reassurance I can hold an audience solo," he said.

The time off has seemed to have given Travis a vital perspective on the moments and circumstances that have helped define him. It has helped strengthen his intimate relationship with only his voice and his guitar- helping find his true sound- one he is confident in. Through a 1977 Alvarez, various harmonicas, and a voice full of grit, Travis is bringing old sound to new times. With self-reflection came humbing and with newfound love came hope and the strength to not let go. His upcoming solo album is a collection of songs reflecting just that. One song in particular he is most eager to release is an introspective song on love and how he describes it,

“a love that lasts a lifetime. Love at the highest level, not a childhood love most mistake for it….it’s a special song because it’s one of the few that is through and through 100% about myself."

The record is set to record in 2018.