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Mike Stanley Band

The Mike Stanley Band (MSB) is composed of four friends all from different walks of life as well as musical backgrounds that came together in hopes to create a new and fresh sound that's unlike any other band currently on the scene. Having members prior to the one's that currently make up the band, the current band formed in November of 2011, shortly after the first MSB EP was released entitled "Play". The band is hoping to release an album in February or March of 2012. The album will contain original songs each individually stemming from emotions that tug on listener’s heart strings, make them want to dance along or simply make them feel connected with the lyrics.

Front man Mike Stanley describes their sound in a local radio interview as,"...the farthest thing from Texas country music but still is somehow Texas country." 

The lyrics and music of MSB leans more towards a Blue's Rock sound with a twist of Texas country thrown in the mix somewhere. The band is known for their upbeat and energetic performances where they put on a show that consists of mostly original songs that members of the band wrote and co/wrote together with a few crowd pleasing covers sprinkled in. But, no matter what song they are performing, they always make it their own. The Mike Stanley Band has performed with Texas country acts such as Mike McClure, Kyle Park, Aaron Watson, No Justice, 6 Market Blvd., Kyle Bennett, Clint Levi Band, Champ and the Yokels, and The Tejas Bros. and continues to impress crowds everywhere they perform.

Currently residing in Stephenville, Texas, the band plays at venues locally as well as the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex. Even though their identity as a band has just recently begun, the future of The Mike Stanley Band is looking very prominent.

"You don't become successful by waiting around to be discovered," says Larry Wacholtz, a music business 
veteran and professor of music business at Belmont University Nashville. "You become successful by making it almost impossible to be ignored. Knock on dozens of doors, play for nothing, and make your presence be known. Force them to discover you."

Preluded by hard work and perseverance, success is soon to become second nature to the members of The Mike Stanley Band.