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Randall King Band

Randall King grew up on the plains of West Texas in Amarillo, influenced by Country artists both legendary and new. Heroes such as Hank Williams, George Jones, Merle Haggard, and George Strait – along with Texas/Red Dirt icons Wade Bowen & Cody Johnson – heavily influenced his craft.

Randall moved to Lubbock in the fall of 2009, where he began brewing his own, unique songwriting blend. He released his debut album, Old Dirt Road, in 2013, and began to make a splash in the Texas/Red Dirt scene. “Don’t Ask Her Tonight” was released to local radio stations, and was listed at #62 on the Top 100 Songs of Lubbock in 2013 by New Slang. The record also produced several consistent, top five most requested songs on Lubbock’s 105.3 The Red Dirt Rebel/KJDL. Old Dirt Road was also voted #4 of the Top 5 Lubbock Albums of 2013 by New Slang.

Since then, King and his crew have been working in Ft Worth, TX with Bart Rose at Ft Worth Sound narrowing in on the true country sound of Randall’s songwriting. “The Problem”, the lead single off the upcoming E P- “Another Bullet”, is a direct reflection of King finding himself and his modernized honky-tonk style within his music. The EP drops in May 2016, so look out TX. Country is back.