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Grant Gilbert

When Grant Gilbert started playing music he had no intentions of performing live shows multiple times per week or it becoming a job, it was just a labor of love that grew into something he never planned. Halfway through high school he was busy playing sports and working on his family’s farm, but in the back of his mind music was entertaining him. Every chance he had, he was slipping away to play guitar and sing. Whether in his room or an open mic, he wanted to do what he loved. Being raised in the small town of Santo, Texas it was natural that he would play country music.

Grant started early with a love for music. When he was young he was going to old dancehalls with his parents and listening to the artist sing. He never thought that someday he would be the one that people were dancing to. It didn’t happen overnight. He was playing the local open mic’s everywhere he could, then his brother decided it was time that Grant played his own show. His brother booked his first show without telling him about it and Grant had no choice but to play the gig. From then on he started playing and never looked back.

Grant began booking his own shows and managing himself. He and a friend started playing acoustic shows all over. During high school it was football on Friday nights, then playing shows on Saturday night. Most places the two played they were not old enough to get in, so X’s on their hands were normal. Soon Grant began writing songs, he was putting out songs that were before his time. He has played them all over Texas, and at places like the Blue Bird Café in Tennessee. He has a love for original music, whether he plays his love songs or drinking songs they’ll have you dancing.

After playing acoustic for a while Grant slowly put together a five piece band that includes a pedal steel guitar and a fiddle. He stays busy playing honky-tonks, festivals, and many other events with the band. At the age of 17 he was playing and managing four to five others and booking them at venues to play all over. They played multiple times per week at as many venues as they could to be heard and gain a following. He attracts crowds of all ages, from college kids to the drinking and dancing crowd.

It has always been a goal of Grant’s to find a job that he enjoys. He found it at a young age singing and playing the guitar. It began by just picking around for fun, but with time it grew into something he never planned and continues to grow. He continues to play music after high school and while attending Texas Tech. He soon plans to put out music and be on the road even more. Grant has achieved much in his musical career, and continues to pursue his dream. Whether Grant is full band or acoustic, he is surely to have you entertained.