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Forty Thieves

The Forty Thieves came together with a collective goal: write, play, and live Rock n Roll.

They have set out to create original riff oriented rock n roll. Their music is written and tracked together in the studio, and then replicated live, on real instruments with real emotion as one cohesive unit. Right out of the gate they began to shine. Within the first year, they jumped on the road with their brethren Saints Analogue and played through Colorado, New Mexico and across Texas.

They recorded their debut EP Neon Mountain at the acclaimed Yellow Dog Studio, which is set to release later in 2017. Gaining more fans and turning more heads with every performance, these boys bring it all to the stage. Never a dull moment, and no apologizes given, so watch your hearts because they aren’t called Thieves for nothing.

With songs and riffs as big as the Lone Star State, The Forty Thieves are bringing back rock and roll to its birthplace, the Texas Panhandle. – Adam Odor