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Kyle Bennett

In 2003, in a warehouse on the outskirts of Ft. Worth, TX , the Kyle Bennett Band was born. People gathered every night to hear the original music and smooth voice of Kyle Bennett. Having been surrounded by music his entire life (both parents were music directors and had released Christian gospel albums), it’s no surprise that Kyle Bennett followed suit from an early age. The band quickly started making their mark in the region. By April of 2005, they cut their first album now known as “The Red Album”. With some southern style country combined with some great classic rock the Kyle Bennett Band broke into the Red Dirt Music scene and onto the Texas Regional Radio Charts! “Donnelly Drive” was the first track to make it into the Top 10 on the Texas Regional Radio Charts. Several of the songs are still quite popular, like “Adios”, “Later On” and “I’m Gone”. 

In April of 2009, they released their second album “Grey Sunrise”. This album really held the sound of a more matured band and once again, added momentum to their growing fan base. “Grey Sunrise” released two songs that made the Top 10 on the Texas Regional Radio Charts. Those titles included “Jimmy & Josie” and “Should’ve Listened”. Other songs on the album reflect the talent of Bennett’s writing style and soulful, southern voice like “When the Lights Go Down” and “Time To Switch To Whiskey”.

About a year after the release of their sophomore album, the band made the hard decision to split ways. After several years together, the change was hard on Kyle and his former band mates. However, this move led to more opportunities for all parts. Kyle decided to go forth with his singer/songwriter career. He gathered new musicians from all over Texas. Their talents and hard work have added a lot to the current Kyle Bennett Band sound. The complete line-up change has evoked a new wave of music and creativity. 

“Sometimes the best chapters of our lives are the ones we write ourselves.”
— KB

“My writing style hasn’t changed at all. Life's just taken me to a place where I feel free to play what I write with a band who is just as excited about it as I am." 

"Nothing’s changed the way I'm going to bring music to the table."
— KB

Kyle added a new lead guitar player Austin Barker, and after a few line-up changes Zach Morris (drums) and Thomas Hicks (bass) completed the group. Three new songs were released in 2011. The unmistakably clear voice and smooth inflection that are core to Kyle Bennett’s sound were evident on in his new single “Here In This Town” that reached #8 on the Texas Music Charts, #4 on the Tex Net 50, and #10 on the Texas Regional Radio Report. Singles “Track Won” and “Pills” were also created during this time and are making headway in the Texas region.

The single, "Here In This Town," covers the depressingly happy reality of being left behind by the one you love.

“The song follows the journey from feeling lost and alone, to coming to grips with the situation, even though the whole town evokes memories of the two of you. The bridge brings the journey full circle with the realization that you've moved on and will be okay.”

— KB

The release of “Here in This Town” delivered a new style packed with ambition and emotion that made listeners take notice. The signature vocals and guitar remain core to their sound along with a more refined and solidified delivery ranging from the rockin’ energy of live shows to polished ballads. The band definitely hybrids Country and Rock but not in the traditional Southern Rock way; It can be edgy but not screatching and there is a sound to Bennett’s voice and a style to the band that sets them apart from the rest.

On the surface it seems easy to stereotype their sound as Texas Music but it goes deeper than that. It’s a mixture of life lessons and a determined professionalism. Take a few hard knocks, a couple of relationships gone wrong, mix in some good times and you have the heart and soul that delivers the sound of Kyle Bennett.